Scientific publications

Exploring Deep Learning for Adaptive Energy Detection Threshold Determination: A Multistage Approach

Bedir, Oguz, Ali Riza Ekti, and Mehmet Kemal Ozdemir

2023 Electronics 12, no. 19: 4183 –

ASIL-D Automotive-Grade Microcontroller in 28nm FD-SOI with Full-OTA Capable 21MB Embedded PCM Memory and Highly Scalable Power Management

N. Grossier, F. Disegni, A. Ventre, A. Barcella, R. Mariani, V. Marino, S. Mazzara, A.Scavuzzo, M. Bansal, S. Balwinder, A. Anand, S. Banzal, D. Joshi, R. Narwal, M. Niranjani, K. Trivedi, P.Ferreira, R. Ranica, L. Vullo, A. Cathelin, A. Maurelli, S. Pezzini and M. Peri

2023 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits (VLSI Technology and Circuits), Kyoto, Japan, 2023, pp. 1-2 – 10.23919/VLSITechnologyandCir57934.2023.10185252

Revealing the quantum nature of the voltage-induced conductance changes in oxygen engineered yttrium oxide-based RRAM devices

F. L. Aguirre, E. Piros, N. Kaiser , T. Vogel , S. Petzold, J. Gehrunger, C. Hochberger, T. Oster, K. Hofmann, J. Suñé, E. Miranda & L. Alff

Scientific reports 2024, 14, 1122 –

Impact of Non-Stoichiometric Phases and Grain Boundarieson the Nanoscale Forming and Switching of HfOxThinFilms

Niclas Schmidt, Nico Kaiser, Tobias Vogel, Eszter Piros, Silvia Karthäuser, Rainer Waser,Lambert Alff, and Regina Dittmann

Advanced Electronic Materials 2024, 2300693 –

TextureTransferin DielectricLayersvia NanocrystallineNetworks:Insights from in Situ 4D-STEM

RobertWinkler,AlexanderZintler,OscarRecalde-Benitez,TianshuJiang,DéspinaNasiou,EsmaeilAdabifiroozjaei,PhilippSchreyer,TaewookKim, EszterPiros,NicoKaiser,TobiasVogel,StefanPetzold,LambertAlff, and LeopoldoMolina-Luna

Nano Lett. 2024, 24, 10, 2998–3004 –

Cyber-WISE: A Cyber-Physical Deep Wireless Indoor Positioning System and Digital Twin Approach

Muhammed Zahid Karakusak, Hasan Kivrak , Simon Watson and Mehmet Kemal Ozdemir

Sensors 2023, 23, 9903 –

Powering AI at the edge: A robust, memristor-based binarized neural network with near-memory computing and miniaturized solar cell

Fadi Jebali,Atreya Majumdar,Clément Turck, Kamel-Eddine Harabi, Mathieu-Coumba Faye,Eloi Muhr, Jean-Pierre Walder, Oleksandr Bilousov,Amadéo Michaud,Elisa Vianello , Tifenn Hirtzlin, François Andrieu, Marc Bocquet,Stéphane Collin, Damien Querlioz & Jean-Michel Portal

Nature Communications | (2024)15:741 –

A study on imprint behavior of ferroelectric hafnium oxide caused by high-temperature annealing

A. Sünbül, D. Lehninger, M. Lederer, H. Mähne, R. Hoffmann, K. Bernert, S. Thiem, F. Schöne, M. Döllgast, N. Haufe, L. Roy, T. Kämpfe, K. Seidel, and L.M. En

Phys. Status Solidi A2023,220, 2300067 –

MindReader: Unsupervised Classification of Electroencephalographic Data

Rivas-Carrillo Salvador Daniel, Akkuratov Evgeny E., Valdez Ruvalcaba Hector, Vargas-Sanchez, Angel, Komorowski Jan, San-Juan Daniel, Grabherr Manfred G.

Sensors 2023, 23(6), 2971-

Simulation of the effect of material properties on yttrium oxide memristor-based artificial neural networks

F Aguirre, E Piros, N Kaiser, T Vogel, S Petzold, J Gehrunger, T Oster, K Hofmann, C Hochberger, J Suñé, L Alff, E Miranda

APL Machine Learning 1, 036104 (2023) –

Crystal and electronic structure of oxygen vacancy stabilized rhombohedral hafnium oxide

Nico Kaiser, Eszter Piros, Philipp Schreyer, Taewook Kim, Stefan Petzold, Roser Valenti, Youngjoon Song, Tobias Vogel, Lambert Alff

ACS Applied Electronic Materials 2023, 5, 2, 754–763 –

Oxide thickness-dependent resistive switching characteristics of Cu/HfO2/Pt ECM devices

Taewook Kim, Tobias Vogel, Eszter Piros, Déspina Nasiou, Nico Kaiser, Philipp Schreyer, Robert Winkler, Alexander Zintler, Alexey Arzumanov, Stefan Petzold, Leopoldo Molina-Luna, Lambert Alff

Appl. Phys. Lett. 122, 023502 (2023) –

Decoding Algorithms and HW Strategies to Mitigate Uncertainties in a PCM-Based Analog Encoder for Compressed Sensing

Paolino et al. Low Power Electron. Appl. 2023, 13(1), 17;

Combined HW/SW Drift and Variability Mitigation for PCM-based Analog In-memory Computing for Neural Network Applications

Antolini et al. EEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 395-407, March 2023, doi: 10.1109/JETCAS.2023.3241750

Fast Fitting of the Dynamic Memdiode Model to the Conduction Characteristics of RRAM Devices Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Fernando Leonel Aguirre , Eszter Piros, Nico Kaiser, Tobias Vogel, Stephan Petzold, Jonas Gehrunger, Timo Oster, Christian Hochberger, Jordi Suñé , Lambert Alff and Enrique Miranda
Micromachines 2022, 13(11), 2002 –

Ge Content Optimization in Ge(SbSe)N OTS Materials for Selector Applications

C. Laguna , M. Bernard, F. Fillot, D. Rouchon, N. Rochat, J. Garrione, L. Prazakova, E. Nolot, V. Meli, N. Castellani, S. Martin, C. Sabbione, G. Bourgeois , M.C. Cyrille, L. Militaru, A. Souifi, F. Andrieu, G. Navarro.  IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 69, no. 11, pp. 6277-6283, Nov. 2022.


Multilayered Sb-Rich GeSbTe Phase-Change Memory for Best Endurance and Reduced Variability

Giusy Lama, M. Bernard, G. Bourgeois , J. Garrione, V. Meli, N. Castellani, C. Sabbione , L. Prazakova , D. Fernandez Rodas, E. Nolot, M.C. Cyrille, F. Andrieu, G. Navarro.  IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 69, no. 8, pp. 4248-4253, Aug. 2022

doi: 10.1109/TED.2022.3184659

End-to-end modelling of variability-aware neural networks based on resistive-switching memory arrays

A. Glukhov, N. Lepri, V. Milo, A. Baroni, C. Zambelli, P. Olivo, E. Pérez, C. Wenger and D. Ielmini. (2022) IFIP/IEEE 30th International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI-SoC), 2022, pp. 1-5, 10.1109/VLSI-SoC54400.2022.9939653

An Energy-efficient In-Memory Computing Architecture for Survival Data Analysis based on Resistive Switching Memories (RRAM)

A. Baroni, A. Glukhov, E. Pérez, C. Wenger, E. Calore, S. F. Schifano, P. Olivo, D. Ielmini and C. Zambelli Neurosci. 16:932270 (2022). 10.3389/fnins.2022.932270

Low Conductance State Drift Characterization and Mitigation in Resistive Switching Memories (RRAM) for Artificial Neural Networks

A. Baroni, A. Glukhov, E. Perez, C. Wenger, D. Ielmini, P. Olivo and C. Zambelli, IEEE Trans. Device Mater. Reliability 22, 340-347 (2022), 10.1109/TDMR.2022.3182133

Roadmap on Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering

D. V. Christensen, et al. Neuromorph. Comput. Eng. 2, 022501 (2022). 10.1088/2634-4386/ac4a83 2022

RSS-Based Wireless LAN Indoor Localization and Tracking Using Deep Architectures

Muhammed Zahid Karakusak,Hasan Kivrak, Hasan Fehmi Ates and Mehmet Kemal Ozdemir

Big Data Cogn. Comput. 2022, 6(3), 84;

Ferroelectric FETs With Separated Capacitor in the Back-End-of-Line: Role of the Capacitance Ratio

David Lehninger, Raik Hoffmann; Ayse Sünbül; Hannes Mähne; Thomas Kämpfe; Kerstin Bernert; Steffen Thiem; Konrad Seidel

IEEE Electron Device Letters ( Volume: 43, Issue: 11, November 2022) – doi: 10.1109/LED.2022.3204360

Review on the Microstructure of Ferroelectric Hafnium Oxides

Lederer, M., Lehninger, D., Ali, T. and Kämpfe, T.

Phys. Status Solidi RRL, 16: 220016 (2022) –

A generalizable, uncertainty-aware neural network potential for GeSbTe with Monte Carlo dropout

Sung-Ho Lee, Valerio Olevano, Benoit Sklénard

Solid-State Electronics Volume 199, January 2023, 108508 –

Integration of labeled 4D-STEM SPED data for confirmation of phase identification

T. Vogel, A. Zintler, N. Kaiser, N. Guillaume, G. Lefèvre, M. Lederer, A. L. Serra, E. Piros, T. Kim, P. Schreyer, R. Winkler, D. Nasiou, R. R. Olivo, T. Ali, D. Lehninger, A. Arzumanov, C. Charpin-Nicolle, G. Bourgeois, L. Grenouillet, MC. Cyrille, G. Navarro, K. Seidel, T. Kämpfe, S. Petzold, C. Trautmann, L. Molina-Luna, L. Alff

Open Repository TuDatalib 2022 – 10.48328/tudatalib-896

Controlling the Formation of Conductive Pathways in Memristive Devices

Robert Winkler, Alexander Zintler, Stefan Petzold, Eszter Piros, Nico Kaiser, Tobias Vogel, Déspina Nasiou, Keith P. McKenna, Leopoldo Molina-Luna, Lambert Alff

Advanced Science 2022, 2198-3844, 2201806 –

Heavy ion irradiation induced phase transitions and their impact on the switching behavior of ferroelectric hafnia

M. Lederer, T. Vogel, T. Kämpfe, N. Kaiser, E. Piros, R. Olivo, T. Ali, S. Petzold, D. Lehninger, C. Trautmann, L. Alff, K. Seidel

Journal of Applied Physics 132, 064102 (2022) –

Structural and electrical response of emerging memories exposed to heavy ion radiation

Tobias Vogel, Alexander Zintler, Nico Kaiser, Nicolas Guillaume, Gauthier Lefèvre, Maximilian Lederer, Anna Lisa Serra, Eszter Piros, Taewook Kim, Philipp Schreyer, Robert Winkler, Déspina Nasiou, Ricardo Revello Olivo, Tarek Ali, David Lehninger, Alexey Arzumanov, Christelle Charpin-Nicolle, Guillaume Bourgeois, Laurent Grenouillet, Marie-Claire Cyrille, Gabriele Navarro, Konrad Seidel, Thomas Kämpfe, Stefan Petzold, Christina Trautmann, Leopoldo Molina-Luna, and Lambert Alff

ACS Nano 2022, 16, 9, 14463–1447 –

Impact of Ferroelectric Layer Thickness on Reliability of Back-End-of-Line-Compatible Hafnium Zirconium Oxide Films

Ayse Sünbül, David Lehninger, Raik Hoffmann, Ricardo Olivo, Aditya Prabhu, Fred Schöne, Kati Kühnel, Moritz Döllgast, Nora Haufe, Lisa Roy, Thomas Kämpfe, Konrad Seidel, Lukas M. Eng

Adv. Eng. Mater.2022, 2201124 –

Enhanced Conductivity and Microstructure in Highly Textured TiN1−x/c‑Al2O3 Thin Films

Alexander Zintler, Robert Eilhardt, Stefan Petzold, Sankaramangalam Ulhas Sharath, Enrico Bruder, Nico Kaiser, Lambert Alff, and Leopoldo Molina-Luna

ACS Omega 2022, 7, 2041−2048 –

Sub 10-nm ferroelectric Gd-doped HfO2 Layers

E.V. Skopin, N. Guillaume, L. Alrifai, P. Gonon, and A. Bsiesy

Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 172901 (2022) –

Enhanced Conductivity and Microstructure in Highly Textured TiN1−x/c‑Al2O3 Thin Films

Alexander Zintler, Robert Eilhardt, Stefan Petzold, Sankaramangalam Ulhas Sharath, Enrico Bruder, Nico Kaiser, Lambert Alff, and Leopoldo Molina-Luna

ACS Omega 2022, 7, 2041−2048 –

Fluorite-Structured Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Materials: A Gateway of Miniaturized Electronic Devices

Faizan Ali,Tarek Ali,David Lehninger,Ayse Sünbül,Alison Viegas,Ridham Sachdeva,Akmal Abbas,Malte Czernohorsky,Konrad Seidel

Adv. Funct. Mater. 2022, 2201737 –

Defect-Stabilized Substoichiometric Polymorphs of Hafnium Oxide with Semiconducting Properties

Nico Kaiser, Tobias Vogel, Alexander Zintler, Stefan Petzold, Alexey Arzumanov, Eszter Piros, Robert Eilhardt, Leopoldo Molina-Luna, and Lambert Alff

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2022, 14, 1290−1303 –