StorAIge: Embedded storage elements on next MCU generation ready for AI on the edge

StorAIge aims to develop and industrialize FDSOI 28nm and next generation embedded Phase Change Memory (ePCM) world-class semiconductor technologies enabling competitive Artificial Intelligence for Edge applications.

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A new paper on [HfO2/ZrO2] superlattices from Fraunhofer-IPMS!

Discover the latest publication from Fraunofer-IPMS within the StorAIge project! Ferroelectric [HfO2/ZrO2] Superlattices with Enhanced Polarization, Tailored Coercive Field, and Improved High Temperature Reliability David Lehninger, Aditya Prabhu, Ayse Sünbül, Tarek Ali, Fred Schöne, Thomas Kämpfe, Kati Biedermann, Lisa Roy, Konrad Seidel, Maximilian Lederer, Lukas M. Eng Adv. Physics Res.2023, Abstract Modern microelectronic systems…

Simplified representation of our ”Wall” PCM device, based on a heater element that represents the bottom electrode, in bulk (a) and in Multilayer configuration (b).
Discover the latest paper within StorAIge, from CEA on « Sb-rich GeSbTe-based phase-change memories »!

Multilayered Sb-Rich GeSbTe Phase-Change Memory for Best Endurance and Reduced Variability Giusy Lama, M. Bernard, G. Bourgeois , J. Garrione, V. Meli, N. Castellani, C. Sabbione , L. Prazakova , D. Fernandez Rodas, E. Nolot, M.C. Cyrille, F. Andrieu, G. Navarro.  IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 69, no. 8, pp. 4248-4253, Aug. 2022 doi:…

Analog In-memory Computing: 2 new papers from IUNET within StorAIge!

                        Two new papers published by IUNET, the Italian Inter-UNiversity consortium for Nanoelectronics within the StorAIge project! Decoding Algorithms and HW Strategies to Mitigate Uncertainties in a PCM-Based Analog Encoder for Compressed Sensing Paolino et al. Low Power Electron. Appl. 2023, 13(1), 17;…

Embedded storage elements on next MCU generation ready for AI on the edge

By putting together key players of the AI value chain, storAIge will help to predict and define what tasks AI will be applied to tomorrow at the edge devices with a special focus on Automotive, Industrial/Consumer and Secure applications, providing the best-in-class silicon-based solutions…


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The storAIge work plan structure follows “a value chain like” approach where the applications requirements drive the activities and developments of the overall project, i.e. for the end user and for the technologies and SoC related developments. The path is to go from first requirements, specifications and design phases up to the final products and systems qualification.




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